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If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI or criminal offense in Tempe, or if you are under investigation in a criminal case, it is imperative that you contact a Tempe criminal defense lawyer from the Law Offices of Trent R. Buckallew, PC to discuss your legal options. Early involvement in criminal cases can be beneficial with regard to the eventual outcome of your case. The first steps in investigating a criminal case, whether in a DUI offense or serious felony offense, include (but are not limited to), a thorough review of all evidence in the case, identification of police officers, crime lab technicians or civilian witnesses to depose, identification of factual, legal or procedural errors in a case, and a scene inspection. Criminal defense attorney, Trent Buckallew, is not only a highly experienced criminal defense attorney, he also holds a Masters of Forensic Science (M.F.S.) degree, which gives him a unique understanding of possible errors and flaws in forensic evidence and testing procedures. The Firm handles all types of criminal cases, from simple misdemeanor traffic violations to serious and complex felony crimes and DUI related offenses.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Tempe

The Firm represents individual facing serious DUI charges and will guide you through the DUI process from the moment you are charged until a resolution is achieved in the case. The attorney represents those charged with extreme DUI, aggravated DUI, and super extreme DUI. The penalties in Arizona for DUI offenses are extremely harsh, and you could face severe repercussions if you are convicted. The attorney will review the evidence in your case, counsel you regarding the best defense strategies in your case, and determine the best course of action for resolving your DUI case.

The Firm handles any criminal and DUI charges in Tempe, including cases investigated by Tempe Police Department, Department of Public Safety (DPS), Arizona State University Police Department (ASU PD), or any other law enforcement agency, and has handled countless cases in both the Tempe Municipal Court as well as the Maricopa County Justice/Superior Court.

Whether you are facing criminal charges related to criminal traffic offenses, internet crimes, drug crimes, violent crimes, theft crimes, a probation violation, sex crimes, or child pornography, you need a highly qualified criminal defense attorney, and the Firm can assist with all types of criminal violations. The attorney can help you defend against charges of domestic violence, white collar crimes, juvenile crimes, and also represents clients seeking appeals, or an expungement / set aside of conviction.

Contact a Tempe criminal defense lawyer from the firm if you have been charged with a crime and are looking for an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney. Schedule a free initial case evaluation today. 24/7 Support Available.

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