Executive Clemency

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Executive clemency is a power vested in the President and the state Governor to pardon a convicted individual, commute a sentence, or reduce a sentence. In federal criminal cases, the President has executive clemency to intercede on behalf of a person convicted of a crime. In state convictions, clemency rests with the discretion of the Governor. Many reasons exist for a Governor or a President to exercise their power of executive clemency. New evidence may arise creating doubt about the guilt of the convicted individual or significant doubt may already exist.

Clemency could also be extended to an individual with an excessive sentence that does not match the crime committed. In cases where an excessive sentence may have been imposed, a prisoner may have his or her sentence commuted (shortened), often to time already served in prison. Extremely ill inmates and elderly prisoners may also receive clemency. To learn more about executive clemency and to discuss your case, contact our Mesa criminal appeals lawyer today.

Filing a Petition for Executive Clemency or Commutation

Attorney Buckallew has extensive knowledge regarding the process involved in executive clemency matters. He will fight on your behalf to achieve any possible reprieve that may be available to you. The strength of your petition can in some cases rely on the knowledge and skill of your defense attorney so it is very important to hire an attorney with the experience necessary to successfully petition your case.

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