Post-Conviction Relief in Mesa

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Having a criminal conviction on your record can sometimes negatively impact your future education and employment aspirations. Many professional careers, housing applications, college financial aid applications, and some professional licenses require a background check on potential candidates. Employers, landlords, financial institutions, and other organizations may be less likely to hire, rent to, lend to, or license an individual with certain types of criminal convictions. No matter how insignificant your offense may seem to you, a prior conviction may damage your reputation and may seriously hinder your future prospects and opportunities

Sometimes, the existence of a prior conviction can result in more significant penalties if you are charged, and convicted, with a new criminal offense. Normally, repeat offenders can face harsher punishments, including (but not limited to) higher fines and longer jail or prison terms. If you have previously been convicted of a criminal offense and would like to have your case reviewed to see if filing a Petition for Post-Conviction Relief is appropriate in your case then contact our firm today to schedule an appointment.

Seeking release, new trial, or a modification of sentence?

A Petition for Post-Conviction Relief is a legal tool used to review the validity of a conviction. In circumstances where your case was resolved with a plea agreement, it may be the only method available to you for reviewing your case. Generally speaking, most individuals who enter a plea agreement will waive their right to appeal and thereby limit the available remedies which they may seek in terms of appellate review. There are various time limits imposed by rule and statute which operate to restrict the availability for filing a Petition for Post-Conviction Relief. Under some circumstances you must file your Petition for Post-Conviction Review within 90 days of sentencing to preserve your rights for review. Thus, if you are considering filing a Petition for Post-Conviction Review it is important to act promptly.

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