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Prisoners' Rights: Parole Hearings, Interstate Compact and Work Furlough

Our firm handles all types of cases involving prisoners' rights, including: parole hearings, matters involving interstate compact requests and assistance with participation in work furlough programs. Mr. Buckallew is a Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney with nearly 20 years’ experience in handing all types of criminal cases, including those involving prisoner’s rights.

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Parole Hearings

A prisoner who is eligible for parole has the right to make application for parole or absolute discharge from imprisonment and may request a hearing before the parole board (or designated hearing officer). The board will then either approve, with conditions the Board deems appropriate, or reject the prisoner's application for parole. A conditional parole release means a prisoner is released to serve the remainder of the prison term outside the confines of prison as long as the parolee abides by all of the terms and conditions of their release requirements. If a parolee is accused of violating any of these conditions while out on parole, a hearing will be held before the parole board so the parolee can defend against the evidence being presented against him/her. Our firm also handles these parole violation hearings which may result after an individual has been released on parole. The most common type of scenario is when the parolee is accused of violating a technical condition of parole, such as:

  • Failing to attend mandatory classes
  • Failing to pay fines or restitution
  • Failing to report to a parole officer
  • Failing a drug test

Another reason a parolee might be accused of violating the terms and conditions of parole would be if he/she has been charged with committing a new crime while on parole. If you need assistance with the parole application process or are facing a parole hearing and possible new criminal charges, this Firm can help.

Interstate Compact

An interstate compact agreement allows an individual who is on probation or parole to reside in another state -- provided that certain conditions and requirements are met. In general, the "receiving" state (i.e., where a person wants to go) must agree to assume the supervision duties of the probationer or parolee. Generally speaking, to be eligible for interstate compact, an individual must be a resident of, have family in, or demonstrate access to a permanent residence in the "receiving" state. If you need assistance in establishing an interstate compact agreement, contact the Firm today to discuss your options.

Work Furlough

The firm also assists individuals who are seeking work furlough release during their term of incarceration in jail. This may include the option to maintain current employment while incarcerated, or perhaps even to seek new employment. For assistance in determining your eligibility for these types of programs, or other prisoners' rights issues, contact a Tempe criminal appeals lawyer to discuss your options.

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