Field Sobriety Testing and DUI Charges

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Law enforcement officers are trained to identify vehicles that weave in and out of traffic lanes, speed, or exhibit other suspicious driving behavior. If an officer believes there is probable cause, he or she can initiate a traffic stop to determine if a driver is operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The officer may ask the driver to step out of the car and perform simple physical and mental tasks as part of a field sobriety test. Depending on the performance by the driver during these sobriety tests the officer may either continue with the DUI investigation, or let the driver leave if no signs of impairment can be identified.

If a driver appears to be intoxicated, the officer may ask for permission to conduct further testing to check for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level. A driver with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or higher is legally drunk and subject to arrest and subsequent DUI charges. If facing allegations of a DUI, contact a Tempe DUI lawyer for legal assistance and counsel following an arrest.

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Field sobriety testing can be unreliable due to many factors. Officers conduct the tests in an uncontrolled environment, usually on the side of the roadway, often times in gravel or uneven pavement. Most tests occur at night when it is difficult to see and therefore, can be a challenge to obtain accurate results from the sobriety testing. Sobriety testing consists of physical coordination tasks that an impaired individual may have difficulty performing. Additionally, a driver may be nervous about being stopped by officers and therefore, unable to successfully perform the tasks.

You need a lawyer for DUI charges in Tempe who has an understanding of all aspects of these types of cases, including sobriety testing, case investigation and preparing a strong legal defense on your behalf in order to determine the best course of action in resolving a DUI case. An experienced defense attorney will identify any legal or factual weaknesses in a case and challenge the evidence presented by the State, including field sobriety test results, as well as blood and/or breath test results. Make an appointment today to consult with an attorney regarding your legal options.

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