Child Abuse & Elder Abuse Charges in Tempe

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Law enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, judges, and juries take a harsh stance against individuals accused of abusing an elderly relative or child, especially when the abuse happens in the home. Child abuse or vulnerable adult abuse charges can arise under circumstances likely to produce death or serious physical injury, where an individual causes a child or vulnerable adult to suffer physical injury, causes or permits a child or vulnerable adult to be placed in a situation where the health of the child or adult is endangered, and is considered a class 2 felony if it was done knowingly, intentionally, or if the child is under the age of fifteen; if it was done recklessly, then it is considered a class 3 felony; and, if it was done with criminal negligence, then it is considered a class 4 felony. Under circumstances where a person causes a child or vulnerable adult to suffer physical injury or abuse, permits injury, or permits the child or adult to be placed in a situation where their health may be endangered is a class 4 felony if done intentionally or knowingly; is a class 5 felony if done recklessly; and is a class 6 felony if done with criminal negligence.

Abuse and Domestic Violence Charges

Due to their weakened physical and mental state, elderly individuals often find themselves the target of abuse. Elder abuse can take on many forms. Physical assault, psychological endangerment, emotional abuse and financial exploitation are just a few of the many examples. Any actions that can result in or threaten serious physical or mental injury are punishable as felony offenses with severe penalties. Vulnerable adults can become victim to abusive negligent behavior, and in recent years, accusations of elder abuse have been on the rise. The exact definition of abusive negligent behavior can be misconstrued in some cases, and those accused of the crime can be completely innocent of the charge. In some cases, the accusations are based upon false claims by another person who is seeking to gain some control, such as in child custody battles, or to inflict damage on another person through the criminal justice system. To safeguard your future and your reputation, it is important that you challenge unfounded or exaggerated claims of abuse.

As with elder abuse, any individual charged with the care of a child must usually report, under Arizona law, any sign of physical or mental abuse. Mr. Buckallew knows that children are susceptible to suggestion and is experienced in handling the many complexities that can arise in cases involving children. When an authoritative or intimidating adult suggests the possibility of abuse to a child, that child may make false statements that could lead to serious consequences for the accused individual. Accusations can range anywhere from negligence to physical or emotional abuse. If you face child abuse charges, it is imperative to seek out legal representation from a Tempe criminal defense attorney to defend you against these allegations as maximum sentences for the most serious child abuse convictions can be life in prison.

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