Restraining Order Violations in Mesa

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A restraining order restricts an individual from contacting, interacting with, and being within a certain distance from the individual protected under the order. Being cut off from your child, spouse, or significant other can create an extreme hardship on an individual. This difficulty in maintaining the court appointed distance from your loved ones can lead to an accusation of a violation of your restraining order. The violation of a restraining order usually leads to the immediate arrest of the accused individual. An individual charged with violating a restraining order can be sentenced to jail and ordered to pay fines. If you have been accused of violating the terms of your restraining order, you should contact a Mesa criminal defense attorney immediately to discuss your options.

Defense for Restraining Order Violations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe & the Entire East Valley

If you have been convicted of violating your restraining order in the past, repeat violations can lead to more serious penalties and longer jail terms. In some cases, repeat offenses can lead to enhanced charges. Depending on the nature of the repeat restraining order violations, an individual can be charged with more serious crimes and face more serious consequences if convicted.

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