Restoring Your Civil Rights in Tempe

Tempe Criminal Defense Lawyer

After a conviction of a criminal offense, you may have restricted rights, such as limitations on the right to bear arms, voting, or other rights that you lost due to your conviction. Arizona has a statutory procedure for restoration of civil rights that have been lost due to a criminal conviction.

Restoring civil rights are crucial matters to many individuals after serving time or being convicted of any criminal offense, and a Tempe criminal defense lawyer from the Law Offices of Trent R. Buckallew, PC can evaluate your case and determine if this opportunity is available to you.

Restoring Civil Rights in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe & the Entire East Valley

Your right to vote after a felony conviction may need to be restored after being convicted of many types of felonies; there are few times in history when it is more important to people to be able to vote for the candidates that reflect their views in a variety of critical issues in Arizona. Mr. Buckallew invites you to contact his firm to evaluate your case and determine what can be done to resolve your situation. Even the most difficult cases can often be resolved through a variety of legal actions, based upon the circumstances of your specific case. He understands how important your rights are to you and your future, and can advise you of the appropriate course of action to get your civil rights restored.

Contact a Tempe criminal attorney for immediate help on restoring your rights after a conviction Your first consultation is free of charge.