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Pre-Charge Investigations

Being involved in the 'Pre-charge' or 'Investigation Stage' of a criminal case can have a significantly negative impact on many areas of your life. This initial stage of the criminal process precedes formal charges. When law enforcement officers arrest an individual, question them, and then release that individual without charges, that individual stands in danger of having the arrest itself recorded on their criminal record despite not having been convicted. After being arrested, an individual will be stuck in this pre-charge state until actually charged with a crime, or until a decision is made by the prosecuting agency to decline prosecution. If you have been arrested and released without charges, are being sought in connection with a crime, or are questioned and released by the police, then you should consult with a Tempe criminal defense attorney to discuss your rights and legal options.

Protect Your Rights in a Criminal Investigation in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert & the Entire East Valley

Even if you are completely innocent of the crime under investigation, you should still seek out competent legal representation to counsel you as to your rights, the law relevant to your situation and to be present with you during any questioning by authorities. A professional pre-charge defense investigation may help to reveal factual deficiencies in the government's case through independent investigation. A pre-charge investigation may also help to identify sources of exculpatory evidence which need to be identified, preserved and/or recorded so that you can demonstrate your innocence later, in the event you are actually charged.

Mr. Buckallew has extensive experience as a criminal defense attorney and can help counsel you on the relevant laws, and can provide guidance on how best to prepare your defense during the pre-charge investigative phase of your case.

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