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Charged with Prostitution?

Prostitution is defined as engaging in sexual conduct with a person in exchange for money or an item of value such as food, drugs, shelter or clothing. Police use a variety of tactics to address prostitution, including having female officers pose as prostitutes or having undercover officers arrest people accused of soliciting a prostitute. If you have been arrested for a prostitution-related charge, contact a Tempe criminal defense attorney to discuss the charges you are facing and get a free evaluation of your case.

The Firm has handled criminal cases at all stages of the criminal process, from pre-charge investigations to complex felony jury trials. Mr. Buckallew is committed to providing a thorough and aggressive defense for each and every client, including 1) Ensuring the client understands his/her rights, 2) Ensuring the client knows what to expect throughout the progression of the case, 3) Making sure that the client's Constitutional rights are not violated at any point throughout the criminal process, 4) Conducting a thorough investigation of the facts, evidence, witness interviews (including law enforcement and other relevant witnesses) and litigating pre-trial discovery issues, 5) Aggressive litigation of any relevant pre-trial motions, and, 6) Diligently pursuing all possible avenues leading towards a favorable and acceptable settlement in the case, including trial.

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Getting convicted of soliciting a prostitute will result in not less than 15 days in jail if it’s your first offense, and not less than 180 days if it’s your fourth conviction. A fourth conviction also increases the charges from a class 1 misdemeanor to a class 5 felony, which can result in additional long-term consequences.

While there are many legal tools available to the police when seeking to arrest individuals for the crime of prostitution, in some cases they have been found to have over reached their authority and are also susceptible to errors through the course of their investigation and arrest, which can then be challenged in court. From entrapment to inaccurate reports to failing to read you your Miranda rights, inappropriate police practices can substantially impact the case against you. The Firm will do a thorough investigation of each case, identify any potential errors or weaknesses in the case and will work diligently on your behalf to seek a favorable outcome against charges of prostitution or solicitation.

Contact a Tempe criminal defense lawyer if you have been arrested on charges of prostitution or solicitation. Your first case evaluation is free of charge.