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Whether you have been charged with shoplifting, a theft crime, forgery, or any other white-collar crime, our Firm has the knowledge and experience to defend your case. Mr. Buckallew has handled a wide variety of white-collar crimes and has the expertise to defend your rights and provide you with experienced legal representation in court. If you have been arrested and are facing shoplifting charges, contact a Tempe criminal defense attorney to discuss your case. The Law Offices of Trent R. Buckallew, PC provides you with a free initial consultation to discuss legal options to resolve your case.

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Multiple activities constitute shoplifting, including stealing goods from a store, removing or altering price tags so the item registers at a lower amount than its original price and attempting to conceal items in your purse or clothing. Sentences for shoplifting vary depending on the value of the item:

  • 6 months in jail for items less than $1,000
  • 1 year in jail for items $1,000-$2,000
  • 1 ½ years in jail for items that are worth at least $2,000
  • 1 year in jail for shoplifting a firearm, regardless of its value

If you have been arrested for shoplifting, it is recommended that you consult with an attorney prior to answering any questions or issuing any statements regarding your case to law enforcement, if possible. If charges are ultimately filed, your attorney will conduct a thorough investigation of the case, interview witnesses and identify any possible legal or procedural weaknesses in your case. Any deficiencies identified in the case can be used to undermine the State's case and negotiations can lead to a more favorable resolution in your case. Shoplifting charges can result in very serious consequences, and it is advised that you contact the Firm to discuss your options for case resolution.

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