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Defining an “Alibi”

If you have been arrested for any type of criminal offense in Arizona, you may be looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Mesa. Here at the Law Offices of Trent R. Buckallew, PC we can offer you the legal representation you deserve! One aspect of criminal law that often appears to be used frequently on television is the term "alibi," and while many may think it is just a cliché term, it is actually much more than that. An alibi is a legitimate claim that is given in the court of law when a person is accused of an illegal act as a defense mechanism used by their attorneys. Alibi claims are a respectable tactic used by legal professionals to help prove that their client is in fact innocent.

For example, perhaps an attempted murder occurred in your office one night and because it was on your floor you are a suspect for the act. However, if your lawyer is able to gather the sufficient evidence and witnesses to prove that you left early for a doctor's appointment the day of the murder, then the prosecution is going to have a much more difficult time trying to prove that you are still guilty of the violent crime.

Defendants may also still practice their Fifth Amendment right to remain silent by having a witness testify on their behalf. Often times a defendant will stay silent in order to protect their past history, perhaps of an assault crime, that the prosecution would try a hold against them. This way the defense attorney can prove to the court their client was not at the scene of the crime, with a trustworthy testimony from another person instead and leave the prosecution to have to give the burden of proof another way.

Proving your innocence before the court is no easy feat, which is why hiring a trusted Mesa criminal defense attorney is so crucial. Contact our office today to discuss your case and together we can begin taking the necessary steps to fighting for your future!

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