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About Crimes in Chandler, AZ

If you have been charged with a crime in Chandler, AZ you will need skillful representation in order to ensure the best defense possible. If you are seeking representation at the Law Offices of Trent R. Buckallew PC, your case will be handled by a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist. Mr. Buckallew has been certified by the Arizona State Bar, Board of Legal Specialization as a Certified Legal Specialist in Criminal Law. This Firm has a long history of success in the cases they handle and many satisfied clients have accumulated since the Firm's inception. Mr. Buckallew takes pride in personally handling each case from start to finish and listed below is just a sampling of the wide variety of criminal cases he handles:


If your blood alcohol content (BAC) is greater than 0.08% then it is illegal for you to operate a motor vehicle. If you are convicted of DUI, then you could face penalties of jail time, fines, license suspension and other harsh penalties

Drug Crimes

Possession, cultivation and distribution of controlled substances is illegal. If you are arrested with illegal drugs in your possession then you could face serious penalties if you are convicted of a drug crime.

Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse, violence, neglect, threats of violence and other forms of abuse can result in legal action taken against you. However there are many cases where an angry victim will exaggerate the circumstances out of an act of retaliation.

Post-Conviction Relief

If you are seeking to have your sentence changed, dropped, or otherwise modified then you may wish to go through the process of post-conviction relief. If successful, your sentence can be modified and even dismissed.

Probation Violation

If you have been convicted of a crime then you may be sentenced to probation. If you are sentenced to probation then you will be given terms that you must comply with, if you violate these terms then you could face prison time or other extensive penalties.

Sex Crimes

Depending on the severity of the crime, the convict could face penalties of probation, fines, prison time and sex offender registration. Sex offender registration can follow you for the rest of your life and prevent you from obtaining employment and housing in some cases.

Theft Crimes

Whether the theft crime was shoplifting, writing a bad check, switching price tags so that you pay less, or another act that you have been charged with, you could face penalties of fines, probation, and even jail in some circumstances if you are convicted.

Weapons Charges

There are various crimes that involve the illegal use of a weapon, such as illegally discharging a weapon, using a weapon to commit a crime and others. The penalties for these crimes depend on a number of factors, however if you are convicted, you could expect fines, possible probation or jail time.

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If you have been charged with a crime in Chandler, AZ, it is vitally important that you have skilled and experienced representation on your side. Do not hesitate to contact the Firm for a free case evaluation to discuss your pending criminal charges to better understand what legal options are available to you and how an attorney from the Firm can help. Mr. Buckallew will take the time to understand your case and determine what course of action is best in resolving your case.

Attorney Buckallew has been practicing criminal defense for more than a decade with a long history of success in the cases that he has handled. Being a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, Mr. Buckallew has demonstrated significant experience, integrity, professionalism and competence in criminal litigation. He will be able to answer all of the questions you have about your case and the charges you are now facing. In addition, he will take the time to discuss with you the legal options available to you, as well as advise you of the best course of action to pursue in resolving your case. For aggressive, experienced and professional legal representation, contact the Law Offices of Trent R. Buckallew, PC.

Client Reviews
We hired Trent Buckallew to represent our son following a second MIP ticket he received while in college. Mr. Buckallew kept us informed throughout all proceedings and helped us receive the satisfactory outcome of dropped charges in exchange for taking an alcohol awareness class. He was personable, knowledgeable and treated our small case with care and compassion. We would highly recommend him to anyone in need of representation. SR
Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into the case against (client's name). We sincerely appreciate the great job you did. We are praying this is the end of it. Thanks again so very much. This was such a difficult time for our family. LN
I'm finally 100% clear of the problem that started our relationship. I cannot thank you enough for handling my case and expungement. I have a great sense of new beginnings and don't have to let my past affect my future. My freedom is priceless. TM
I appreciate everything you were able to accomplish for my father and will certainly be referring Mr. Buckallew to anyone I know who may be in need of an excellent criminal defense attorney. CM
Trent handled cases for me on two different occasions involving tickets for seat belt violations in commercial vehicles. Very happy with results. All charges dismissed. One case in Flagstaff and one case in Gilbert Court. KF