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A crime is designated a juvenile crime if the accused is a child under the age of 18. While juvenile crimes can carry harsh penalties in some situations, these crimes are governed by a separate set of court procedures than crimes committed by adults. Criminal offenders under the age of 18 are tried in juvenile court. As opposed to the adult criminal court system, juvenile cases in most instances do not go before a jury. A judge will assess all the evidence in the case, hear any testimony, and decide what punishments, if any, should be imposed upon the juvenile. With so much depending on how the judge views your case, hiring an experienced Tempe criminal defense attorney who understands the juvenile criminal justice system can make a significant difference on the outcome of the case.

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The penalties associated with juvenile crimes differ from adults in that juvenile penalties focus on rehabilitating the individual instead of punishing them. While most juvenile crime convictions are indeed focused on rehabilitation, certain crimes, such as violent felony offenses or serious sex offenses, automatically allow the prosecutor to charge the juvenile as an adult. Generally, only juveniles 14 years or older can potentially be tried as adults. Minors under 14 years of age will not normally be subject to being tried as adults.

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Attorney Trent Buckallew has an extensive track record of success defending juvenile clients against criminal violations. With over a decade of experience, he has the knowledge and skill to help his clients navigate through the intimidating and often-complicated, juvenile criminal justice system. Typical violations seen in the juvenile system include charges such as drug possession, vandalism, trespassing, theft crimes, arson, assault, shoplifting, drug possession, underage drinking, DUI, minor in consumption, gang related activity, and sex crimes. A juvenile record, no matter how insignificant it may seem, can result in serious consequences and a competent criminal defense attorney can help guide you through the process of juvenile court proceedings.

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