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Why Hire our Firm?

If you are facing criminal charges, you are undoubtedly looking for professional help to protect your legal rights. One of the most important decisions you will make is which attorney you will hire. At the Law Offices of Trent R. Buckallew, P.C. we are committed to providing competent, professional and comprehensive representation to each and every client. Mr. Buckallew has gained significant experience in litigating both criminal & DUI cases over the course of his nearly 20 years in practice and has a proven track record of successfully resolving countless cases over the course of his career.

What sets our Firm Apart?
  1. Experience Matters - Work directly with a Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney with nearly 20 years of experience in both Criminal & DUI Defense
  2. We offer Competitive Rates, including flat fees
  3. Personalized One-On-One Representation – Attorney Trent Buckallew personally handles each case from start to finish
  4. Experience and Familiarity with Most Local Courts – Mr. Buckallew has made appearances in most Town/City/Municipal, Justice, Juvenile and Superior Courts throughout the Valley
  5. Statewide Practice – Mr. Buckallew has handled cases in every county in the State of Arizona and has experience and familiarity in each one of these jurisdictions
  6. We offer Free Initial Consultations on any pending criminal cases
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What Does it Mean to be Board Certified?

In Arizona, attorneys can achieve the status of “certified legal specialist” once they have proven experience in a particular area of law, such as criminal law. In order to qualify for this specialization, the attorney must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Admission to the practice of law for at least 7 years for criminal certification
  • Admission to the State Bar of Arizona for 2 years immediately preceding submission of the application
  • Devotion of at least 50% of a full-time practice to the specialty area
  • Substantial involvement in the certification area for 4 of the 6 years immediately preceding submission of the application
  • Receive favorable peer review from attorneys, judges and other professionals in the specialty field
  • Pass a written examination
  • Handle a specific number of cases in the specialty field (i.e. Criminal Law)
  • Demonstrate integrity, professionalism and a high degree of competence in the specialty field
Criminal and DUI Defense Expert

Mr. Buckallew knew early on in his undergraduate studies and in law school that he wanted to pursue criminal defense law and focused his studies on criminal justice and criminal law. Immediately after graduating from law school and passing the bar exam, Mr. Buckallew began his career as a Criminal and DUI Defense attorney, and has spent most of his days in criminal court rooms all over Maricopa County and throughout the state of Arizona. This has enabled him to become an expert in this area of practice and Mr. Buckallew is 1 of fewer than 100 attorneys’ in the state of Arizona to become a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist. This is a complex and dynamic area of law and Mr. Buckallew belongs to many organizations, completes continuing legal education courses and stays abreast of the ever-changing criminal and DUI laws to ensure he can provide the best defense possible for his clients.

Why Hire a Solo Practice Attorney?

Many larger law firms may have multiple lawyers handling the various aspects of a client’s case, whether it is the initial consultation, court appearances, providing case updates, interviewing witnesses, negotiating with the prosecutor, etc. This can create confusion for the client if different lawyers are rotating in and out of the case and the client has no clear point of contact or personalized relationship with any one lawyer. With this Firm, since it is a solo practice, the client meets directly with Attorney Trent Buckallew for the initial consultation and if the Firm is retained, Mr. Buckallew personally handles each case from start to finish. The client will have peace of mind knowing that they will have a personalized, one-on-one relationship with their attorney and individual attention to their case. The attorney they initially meet with will be the same attorney making court appearances, providing case updates, and working towards case resolution on the client’s behalf. This helps develop a strong working attorney-client relationship built on trust, and mutual understanding of the client’s objective(s). An added benefit to hiring a solo practice attorney is that the Firm’s overall cost of doing business is lower, and we can pass these savings on to our clients by way of more competitive fees than larger Firms.

Familiarity with Courts & Statewide Practice

Mr. Buckallew is licensed to practice law in the state of Arizona and has handled cases out of every county (15 total) within the state of Arizona and has experience and familiarity within each of these jurisdictions. While much of his caseload is in Maricopa County and the nearest surrounding counties – Pinal County, Pima County, Gila County and Yavapai County, he continues to maintain a statewide practice and takes cases throughout the state of Arizona. Mr. Buckallew has practiced in most City/Town Courts and Justice Courts in the Phoenix metro area as well as the Maricopa County Superior Courts in both Southeast (Mesa) and the downtown Court towers and has familiarity with the Judges and Prosecutors in these courthouses.

What are Clients Saying About Our Firm?

“Trent was amazing! Very knowledgeable and he won my case…”

"I cannot thank you enough for handling my case and expungement."

"Mr. Buckallew did everything he said he was going to do and I could see he actually cares…"

"I can recommend Mr. Buckallew with no reservation…"

"He was personable, knowledgeable and treated our small case with care and compassion."

So why Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer From our Firm?

By pairing extensive education with professional recognition and a passion for justice, our Firm has been able to successfully help clients throughout the state of Arizona in defending against all types of criminal and DUI allegations. Contact the Firm today to arrange a free consultation regarding any pending criminal charges in the State of Arizona.

Client Reviews
We hired Trent Buckallew to represent our son following a second MIP ticket he received while in college. Mr. Buckallew kept us informed throughout all proceedings and helped us receive the satisfactory outcome of dropped charges in exchange for taking an alcohol awareness class. He was personable, knowledgeable and treated our small case with care and compassion. We would highly recommend him to anyone in need of representation. SR
Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into the case against (client's name). We sincerely appreciate the great job you did. We are praying this is the end of it. Thanks again so very much. This was such a difficult time for our family. LN
I'm finally 100% clear of the problem that started our relationship. I cannot thank you enough for handling my case and expungement. I have a great sense of new beginnings and don't have to let my past affect my future. My freedom is priceless. TM
I appreciate everything you were able to accomplish for my father and will certainly be referring Mr. Buckallew to anyone I know who may be in need of an excellent criminal defense attorney. CM
Trent handled cases for me on two different occasions involving tickets for seat belt violations in commercial vehicles. Very happy with results. All charges dismissed. One case in Flagstaff and one case in Gilbert Court. KF