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Criminal and DUI Charges in Tempe

The Tempe Municipal Court is located in downtown Tempe, home of Arizona State University (ASU). With a strong East Valley presence, the Firm has represented countless individuals, including many ASU students, who have been charged with criminal misdemeanor violations in the Tempe Municipal Court. The Firm handles all types of criminal matters in the Tempe Municipal Court including Underage Drinking, DUI/DWI, Minor in Consumption, Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Damage, Aggressive Driving, Reckless Driving, Assault, Shoplifting, Drug Offenses, Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes, and ANY other criminal charge. Mr. Buckallew has extensive experience as a criminal defense attorney, having handled criminal cases at all levels, from simple misdemeanor violations to complex felony jury trials.

A class 1 misdemeanor in Arizona carries a maximum penalty of up to 6 months in jail and $2,500 fine (plus surcharges). In addition to the possibility of fines, jail time and/or probation, a criminal record can have long lasting consequences. For college students, a criminal record can impact future scholarship opportunities, extra-curricular and athletic involvement, and future career aspirations. To better understand the serious consequences of a criminal record and discuss your legal options, contact an experienced attorney for a free evaluation of your case.

The Tempe Municipal Court is located at 140 East 5th Street in downtown Tempe, which is two blocks east of Mill Avenue on 5th Street near Sun Devil stadium and historic 'A Mountain'.

"A" Mountain at Hayden Butte

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