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Mr. Buckallew is an experienced Mesa criminal defense lawyer dedicated to helping clients defend against misdemeanor or felony criminal charges. A criminal conviction can have long lasting negative effects, including the loss of certain rights and freedoms, difficulty in obtaining employment, inability to obtain certain professional licenses, ineligibiltiy for certain scholarships or student loans, and in some cases, the loss of driving privileges, to name a few. It is important to have an aggressive defense from an attorney experienced in litigating criminal cases. Mr. Buckallew has a proven track record in resolving complex criminal cases and has a reputation for zealously defending every client he represents.

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Do you need a lawyer for your criminal case in Mesa? When it is necessary to obtain legal representation, choosing the right attorney is an important decision. The skill of your legal counsel may have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. In addition to his law degree, Mr. Buckallew has achieved a Master's of Forensic Science (M.F.S.) degree, which enables him to understand the complexity of the science behind the evidence in criminal cases where forensic evidence plays a significant role, including charges of DUI, homicide and many other criminal cases.

The Firm represents individuals facing all types of charges, including DUI, criminal traffic offenses, and can represent you if you are seeking a set-aside of a prior conviction. If you are facing charges related to any type of internet crimes, drug crimes, violent crimes, theft crimes, burglary, probation violation, sex crimes, or child pornography, you need an experienced trial lawyer to represent you. Mr. Buckallew is highly qualified and committed to seeking the best possible outcome in your case. Cases of domestic violence, white collar crimes, juvenile crimes, or appeals require skill, experience and an aggressive approach. Attorney Buckallew is recognized as an aggressive and committed defender of rights and is prepared to evaluate your case and determine the best course of action to defend you.

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