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Mesa Municipal Court Criminal Cases


Mesa Municipal Court Criminal Cases

If you were cited and/or arrested on a misdemeanor criminal violation by the Mesa Police Department, you will likely be appearing in the Mesa Municipal Court. The Mesa Municipal Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor offenses such as DUI (1st Time DUI, Extreme DUI, Super Extreme DUI, Underage DUI), Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Damage, Domestic Violence and other criminal misdemeanor charges as well as traffic violations, Orders of Protection and Injunctions Against Harassment. Mr. Buckallew has handled countless cases in the Mesa Municipal Court, is very familiar with the Judges and Prosecutors over there and has experience in handling all types of criminal and DUI cases in this Courthouse. The Courthouse is nearby our Tempe office and is located one block south of Main Street and one block west of Mesa Drive at:

Mesa Municipal Court

250 East 1st Avenue

Mesa, AZ 85210

The Court operates on a 4-day schedule and the hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM (excluding holidays).

Dress Code / Courtroom Etiquette

While your attorney will facilitate the court proceedings and give you instructions regarding your role during these various proceedings, it is always helpful to understand basic courtroom etiquette, including being on time, being polite to all court personnel, opposing counsel and the Judge, turning off electronic devices/phones and dressing appropriately. You want to make a good impression and impress upon the Court and Prosecutor that you are taking your case very seriously, and as such, your appearance and what you wear is important. Clothing should be free of offensive/controversial slogans, and no hats, cut-off shorts or flip-flops should be worn. Your appearance should not distract from your case or your defense and recommended attire would be ‘business casual’ such as a tucked in collared shirt and slacks for men and a blouse or sweater and slacks for women.

Types of Criminal Cases

The most common types of cases we typically see in the Mesa Municipal Court, include DUI, Disorderly Conduct, Domestic Violence, Shoplifting, Assault and Probation Violations. At this Firm, we have experience handling all types of misdemeanor (and felony) criminal cases in the Mesa Municipal Court and in courts throughout the Valley (and statewide).

Free Case Evaluation

If you have a criminal case pending in the Mesa Municipal Court, contact the office to schedule a free evaluation of your case. You will consult directly with Mr. Buckallew, a Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney. Mr. Buckallew has significant experience in litigating criminal and DUI cases with nearly 2 decades of criminal defense practice and countless cases successfully resolved over the course of his career. Mr. Buckallew personally handles each case from start to finish. You will have peace of mind knowing that you will have a personalized, one-on-one relationship and attention to your case. Mr. Buckallew will be making court appearances with you, providing case updates, and working towards case resolution on your behalf. This helps develop a strong working attorney-client relationship built on trust, and mutual understanding of your case objective(s). Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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