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If you are facing criminal charges in Phoenix, a Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney with this Firm offers a free, no obligation evaluation of your case. Mr. Buckallew has focused his practice primarily on criminal and DUI defense, representing countless individuals in Phoenix and throughout the State of Arizona for over the course of his career. The Firm has defended a wide range of criminal cases, from Disorderly Conduct and Domestic Violence cases to DUI cases all the way up to First Degree Murder cases. Mr. Buckallew has handled countless cases in the Phoenix courts – both the Phoenix Municipal Court (misdemeanor criminal/misdemeanor DUI) and the Maricopa County Superior Court (felony criminal/felony DUI). The Firm also represents individuals in the Maricopa County Justice Courts located in Phoenix, including the Arcadia Biltmore Justice Court, Desert Ridge Justice Court, Downtown Justice Court, Encanto Justice Court, Dreamy Draw Justice Court, Maryvale Justice Court, McDowell Mountain Justice Court, Moon Valley Justice Court, South Mountain Justice Court, and the West McDowell Justice Court (misdemeanor criminal/misdemeanor DUI). In addition to criminal and DUI cases, Mr. Buckallew also represents plaintiffs or defendants in Injunction Against Harassment/Order of Protection proceedings as well as Interfering with Judicial Proceedings cases.

If you are charged with a DUI in Phoenix, it is critical to seek competent legal counsel as these cases can result in significant fees/fines, potential for incarceration, increased insurance premiums, college/career repercussions, possible suspended or revoked driver's license, possible probation, and the possibility of ignition interlock requirements and alcohol classes. DUI litigation requires knowledge in both criminal defense as well as a thorough understanding of the scientific evidence (blood, breath, etc.) and Mr. Buckallew has significant experience in both of these areas. With his Law Degree and continuing legal education along with his Master's Degree in Forensic Science, Mr. Buckallew understands both the science behind the evidence as well as the potential legal defenses inherent in DUI cases. He has handled all types of DUI cases including (but not limited to), 1st Time DUI, DUI Involving an Accident, Underage DUI, Extreme DUI, Super Extreme DUI, Aggravated DUI, DUI with Multiple Priors, DUI Involving Homicide (or Injury), and DUI – Drugs. He has achieved successful outcomes for countless clients over the years, including full case dismissals, not guilty jury trial verdicts, favorable plea agreements, and aggressively defends each and every case he handles.

Mr. Buckallew has also handled a wide range of criminal cases – both misdemeanor and felony, including (but not limited to), Assault, Domestic Violence, Drug Possession, Drug Sales, Drug Crimes, Juvenile Crimes, Shoplifting, Misconduct Involving Weapons, Theft Crimes, White Collar Crimes, Minor in Possession, Minor in Consumption, Burglary, Reckless Driving, Disorderly Conduct, Violation of Restraining Orders, Prostitution, Sex Crimes, Homicide and Murder. He has a track record for zealously defending each and every client and has achieved successful outcomes in countless cases over the course of his career.

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If you have been charged with a crime in Phoenix, Arizona, or surrounding valley cities, you may be worried and apprehensive about the future. An experienced criminal defense attorney can launch an aggressive defense on your behalf and advocate for you in court. Whether you have been charged with a sex crime, internet crime, violent crime, DUI, drug crime, or any other criminal violation, it is critical to seek counsel from an attorney with proven results to assist in your defense. Mr. Buckallew is a Mesa area criminal defense lawyer with the experience and track record to handle any criminal matter in the valley and throughout the State of Arizona.

Check out our client testimonials page to see what others are saying about Attorney Trent Buckallew. He has been described as informative, personable, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Mr. Buckallew cares about each and every client and has a reputation for zealously defending his clients in court. He has extensive experience in conducting a thorough defense investigation, proven ability to litigate any legal issues which may exist in a case, and negotiating the most favorable resolution possible in each case. Mr. Buckallew has also taken countless cases to trial, including misdemeanor bench trials and complex felony jury trials, with many cases resulting in acquittals or hung juries.

Mr. Buckallew was born in San Diego, California and grew up in Tempe, Arizona. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Justice Studies from Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ) and then attended the California Western School of Law (San Diego, CA) for his Juris Doctorate degree. From there, he passed the Arizona bar exam and accepted a position at the Mohave County Public Defender’s Office, and subsequently, moved to the Maricopa County Public Defender’s Office. At these public defense firms, Mr. Buckallew was able to gain invaluable trial experience and a greater understanding of the criminal justice system. During this time, he handled countless cases ranging from simple midemeanors to complex felony matters.

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The Firm recently achieved a successful outcome in a Probation Violation case in the Mesa Municipal Court involving a technical violation for failure to complete required classes. Defense Counsel initiated protracted discovery litigation, which resulted in the discovery of exculpatory evidence that was not initially provided to the defense. The exculpatory evidence was only discovered after an extensive defense investigation uncovered its existence. Defense counsel was able to successfully introduce the exculpatory evidence at trial. The client was found not responsible for violating his probation after a contested hearing.

If you have been charged with a probation violation in the Mesa Municipal Court, or any other court in the State of Arizona, contact the Firm today for a free evaluation of your case.

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*All cases are factually different and prior success on individual cases is not a guarantee of future outcomes. The firm cannot, and does not make any guarantees as to the outcome of your case.

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