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San Tan Regional Court Criminal Cases


With a strong East Valley presence, the Firm has represented countless individuals in the San Tan Regional Court Center, located in Chandler, Arizona. This regional court center houses the Kyrene Justice Court, University Lakes Justice Court, San Marcos Justice Court and the San Tan Justice Court. The primary law enforcement agencies that cite into these Justice Courts include (but are not limited to): Maricopa County Sherriff’s Office (MCSO), Arizona Department of Public Safety-Highway Patrol (DPS), Arizona State University Police Department (ASU PD), and Gila River Tribal Police (non-Indian concurrent jurisdiction matters). These Justice Courts hear criminal misdemeanor cases, which can carry maximum penalties including fines of up to $2,500 (plus surcharges) and incarceration in county jail for up to 6 months (class 1 misdemeanors).

The Firm represents individuals in all types of matters in the San Tan Regional Court Center, including (but not limited to) cases involving criminal misdemeanor and criminal traffic violations such as DUI/DWI/OUI, domestic violence cases, assault, disorderly conduct, criminal damage, aggressive driving, reckless driving, theft, forgery, misconduct involving weapons, and drug violations. The Firm also handles matters involving orders of protection, injunctions against harassment, interference with judicial proceedings and orders of protection violations.

If you have been arrested by MCSO, DPS, ASU PD, Tribal Police, or any other law enforcement agency in the State of Arizona and cited into the San Tan Regional Court Center, including the Kyrene Justice Court, San Tan Justice Court, University Lakes Justice Court or the San Marcos Justice Court, contact the Firm today for a free evaluation of your case.

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