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As a result of increasing caseloads in the West Valley, Maricopa County opened up its newest justice precinct – the Country Meadows Justice Court. The grand-opening ceremony was held last Thursday, which included the swearing-in of Anna Huberman, the first Country Meadows Justice of the Peace. The precinct boundaries of the new justice court fall between Cactus Road (north) and I-10 (south), Dysart Road (west) and 59th Avenue (east). For now the new court will be housed in downtown Phoenix at One West Madison Street (Lower Level). This court, along with the 25 Justice Courts in Maricopa County, handles a variety of cases including civil and criminal traffic offenses, misdemeanor DUI cases, misdemeanor criminal cases, Order of Protection and Injunction Against Harassment matters, appeals, and other types of cases. If you are cited (or arrested) by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) or Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) for a criminal matter within the boundaries of this precinct, your case will likely be heard in the Country Meadows Justice Court.

The Firm represents individuals in all types of criminal proceedings across the Valley, including in the new Country Meadows Justice Court. If you are facing charges in the Country Meadows Justice Court, contact the office today to arrange a free consultation regarding your case and legal options.

Mr. Buckallew has handled a wide variety of criminal cases over the course of his career as an Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney, ranging from simple misdemeanor traffic violations to very serious and complex Aggravated DUI, Aggravated Assault and Homicide cases. He is exceptionally knowledgeable in the area of criminal law and has focused his scope of representation primarily on matters involving criminal litigation throughout his entire career. Mr. Buckallew has practiced in City/Municipal Courts, Justice Courts, and Superior Courts across the valley and in just about every county in the State of Arizona and skillfully navigates his way through the complexities of criminal court proceedings and criminal litigation.

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What are Protective Orders?

Individuals seeking to restrain a person from acts of domestic violence, harassment, coming near a residence, place of employment or school can obtain a Protective Order in any court in the State of Arizona. If you reside in Scottsdale, chances are you will be seeking an order in the Scottsdale City Court, or other nearby City/Municipal or Justice Courts in your community, including Paradise Valley Municipal Court, Biltmore Arcadia Justice Court, Desert Ridge Justice Court or McDowell Mountain Justice Court. An Order of Protection is generally requested when an individual is seeking protection against a spouse, former spouse, roommate, or other blood relative. If the person you are requesting the Order against does not qualify as a spouse, relative, roommate, or other designated domestic relationship, you will need to request an Injunction Against Harassment instead of an Order of Protection. An Injunction is typically sought when disputes arise between neighbors, co-workers, or other non-domestic relationships.

When requesting an Order of Protection, a Judge can issue the Order if he/she finds that the defendant may, or has committed an act of domestic violence. Domestic Violence Crimes can include Assault or Aggravated Assault, Child Abuse, Criminal Damage, Crimes Against Children, Disorderly Conduct, Harassment, Threatening and Intimidating and other related crimes. The Judge may order either party not to commit acts of Domestic Violence; prevent either party from coming near the residence or place of employment; grant one party full use of the residence; and order any other relief that may be necessary to ensure protection. The Judge may also prohibit the Defendant from possessing or purchasing any firearms as a condition of the Order, and shall subsequently order the Defendant to turn over any firearms to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

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