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Are Bath Salts Illegal in AZ?


Are 'Bath Salts' Illegal in Arizona?

According to a recent article by Arizona State University's State Press, Arizona Senate and House Bills were recently signed into law by Governor Brewer, making the "creation, sale and use" of chemicals used in making Bath Salts illegal in the State of Arizona. These designer drugs have become increasingly sought-after given the widespread availability and access to these drugs, the ease in which they can be made, and the belief that the affects mimic those of methamphetamines, ecstasy and cocaine. One of the growing concerns is that it is easy to circumvent existing laws against these types of drugs – Bath Salts (other common names include Blue Silk, Cloud 9, Drone, Stardust, Vanilla Sky, and White Lightning), Spices, and other similar drugs, by substituting one or more of the 'banned' ingredients. Some of the reported effects after ingesting these kinds of drugs have included nausea, paranioa, elevated heart rate, irritability, aggressive and violent behavior, hallucinations, seizures, and perspiration which can lead to individuals removing their clothing and subsequently being found naked after using Bath Salts. Local news reports also cite an addiction specialist at a drug and alcohol rehab center in Scottsdale who has indicated that addiction to bath salts has increased over 200 percent in the past 6 months. U.S. Poison Control Centers have also reported a massive increase in the number of Bath Salts related calls received, with zero reports in 2009, 302 reports in 2010 and 4,000 reports in 2011, according to a news release by the City of Tucson Police Department.

According to the Phoenix New Times, the Tempe Police Department has reported multiple allegations recently of individuals affected by Bath Salts. In one instance, a 23-year old was allegedly found slamming himself against walls and then running nude through a Tempe neighborhood after admitting to ingesting Bath Salts. In another incident, a 21-year old crashed his truck in a parking garage of an apartment complex near Arizona State University. According to witnesses, the individual was fully naked when he got out of his vehicle, and later admitted to police that he had taken Bath Salts. According to court documents, this individual – an ASU student, now has a DUI charge pending against him. In the third instance, an 18-year old was found in the bathroom at a local coffee shop in Tempe, allegedly barricading himself in the bathroom and when entry was gained by Tempe Police, he was said to be completely naked, acting delusional and claimed he was being eaten alive by bugs. Police say he is facing a criminal damage charge as the bathroom was allegedly "trashed" with broken mirrors and covered with "quite a bit of blood". There was also a recent case where Tempe Police pulled a naked man out of Tempe Town Lake and another report of a carjacking in Scottsdale by a naked man – both allegedly under the effects of Bath Salts.

The manufacture, sale and use of Bath Salts has been banned both on local and state levels here in Arizona, as well as at the federal level. Resulting charges from using, selling, or manufacturing Bath Salts, or any other illegal drugs, can include Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Drug Possession, Drug Use or Drug Sales, Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Damage, Assault, and other criminal violations. Being arrested for Bath Salts or other drug violations can have a significant and long lasting impact on your life as you could be facing felony or misdemeanor drug charges which can result in harsh consequences. Prison, jail, fees, fines, probation, a criminal record, and other harsh penalties can be levied against those convicted of drug crimes involving Bath Salts and other illegal drugs. Hiring an attorney familiar with Bath Salts cases may increase your chances of avoiding the significant penalties often associated with these types of drug convictions. The Law Offices of Trent R. Buckallew, PC is committed to focusing on your case, launching an aggressive defense on your behalf, and working towards the most favorable outcome possible in your case. Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately if you are facing Bath Salts or other types of drug charges in Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix, West Valley Cities, or other surrounding areas.

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