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The Apache Junction Justice Court is in Pinal County and located at 575 North Idaho Road, in Apache Junction, AZ. This court covers the San Tan Valley, Gold Canyon and Apache Junction. According to the court's website, the Apache Junction Justice Court ranks at number 17 out of 80 Justice Courts in Arizona for total case filings in 2011. There were just over 2,000 misdemeanor case filings, which included 410 DUI case filings, 76 serious traffic case filings and a variety of other non-DUI criminal filings. There were also close to 700 Orders of Protection and Injunctions against Harassment filed last year.

If you have been issued a misdemeanor DUI or criminal traffic citation or received a summons by mail for a misdemeanor incident occurring in the San Tan Valley, Gold Canyon, or Apache Junction, you will most likely be required to appear in Apache Junction Justice Court.

The Firm represents individuals charged with any criminal violation in the Apache Junction Justice Court, including (but not limited to), 1st Time DUI, Extreme DUI, Disorderly Conduct, Domestic Violence, Assault, Drug Crimes, Juvenile Crimes, Theft, Shoplifting, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor, Probation Violation, Interfering with Judicial Proceedings, and any other criminal charge.

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If you were arrested for allegations of driving under the influence (DUI) by the Gilbert Police Department, you were likely cited into the Gilbert Municipal Court, if you were charged with misdemeanor DUI violation(s). There are certain circumstances when a DUI can be charged as a felony, and if that is the case, you will most likely be appearing in the Maricopa County Superior Court. DUI charges are typically considered misdemeanor charges unless there are certain 'aggravating' factors being considered in your case, such as, driving on a suspended/restricted/revoked driver's license at the time of the DUI; driving with a minor child (under the age of 15) at the time of the DUI stop; or if this is your 3rd DUI within a period of 84 months. If you have been charged with any type of DUI violation by the Gilbert Police Department, contact a Gilbert DUI Lawyer for a free evaluation of your case. The Firm handles ANY criminal or DUI charge in the Gilbert Municipal Court, the Maricopa County Superior Court, or any other criminal court in the State of Arizona. Mr. Buckallew has a reputation for zealously defending his clients and has extensive experience from many years of practice as a criminal defense lawyer. He fights tirelessly on behalf of each individual client in order to achieve the best outcome possible in each and every case, as evidenced by the results he has achieved on behalf of his clients over the years.

The Gilbert Municipal Court is located at 55 East Civic Center Drive, just south of downtown Gilbert. The Court handles civil/criminal traffic (such as criminal speed, reckless driving and driving on a suspended license) and criminal misdemeanor violations (such DUI/DWI charges, disorderly conduct, assault, domestic violence and drug crimes), city ordinance and code violations, petty offenses, probation violations, protective orders and search warrants. The Firm frequently handles cases in the Gilbert Municipal Court and has had good success in resolving numerous cases in this Court.

Mr. Buckallew has extensive experience in resolving DUI cases, ranging from simple 1st Time Misdemeanor DUI cases to very serious and complex Felony Aggravated DUI cases. He dedicates his practice to the defense of Criminal and DUI cases and is committed to zealously representing each and every client to ensure cases are resolved under the best terms possible. Mr. Buckallew has had a wide range of victories in DUI cases, including trial acquittals, dismissals (on defense motions), reduction in charges, and other favorable outcomes. Mr. Buckallew was recently elected as a National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Attorney for 2012. He belongs to many professional DUI and Criminal Defense organizations, such at the National College for DUI Defense, in order to keep informed of changing laws and best practices in the industry. We encourage you to arrange a time to meet with the attorney to discuss your legal options and determine the best course of action in resolving your DUI case.

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Although final numbers have not yet been released, as of early Sunday afternoon, close to 400 people had been arrested on suspicion of DUI as a result heavy enforcement statewide over the Labor Day weekend. According to the state Governor's Office of Highway Safety (GOHS), there have been 382 DUI arrests since Wednesday. The breakdown includes 40 arrests for (felony) Aggravated DUI, and 342 for misdemeanor DUI, with 115 of those arrests for Extreme DUI (BAC of 0.15 or higher), and 62 arrests for DUI Drugs. While arrests are down from this time last year, the average blood-alcohol content has increased from 0.149 last year to 0.155 this year. The saturation patrols continued on Sunday and Monday, particularly around valley lakes and rivers — Monday was expected to be a busy day for law enforcement.

If you were cited by for any type of DUI, including Extreme DUI, Super Extreme DUI, Aggravated DUI, DUI-Drugs, Underage DUI, or any other DUI related violation, the Firm can help and provides free initial consultations. The Firm represents individuals in Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, surrounding East Valley cities, Phoenix, surrounding West Valley cities, Pinal County, Gila County, Navajo County, Apache County and Statewide.

The Firm focuses its scope of representation on matters involving criminal and DUI litigation and has practiced in City Courts, Municipal Courts, Justice Courts and Superior Courts in just about every county in the State of Arizona. Mr. Buckallew has achieved successful resolution in countless DUI (and criminal) cases over the course of his career and has a reputation for aggressively fighting for the most favorable resolution possible on behalf of each of his clients. Aside from his law degree, Masters of Forensic Science degree, and many years of criminal and DUI litigation, Mr. Buckallew belongs to many DUI organizations to stay well informed of the complex and ever changing practice of DUI law. He belongs to the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD), the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS), the Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice, (AACJ) and others. Mr. Buckallew was also recently elected as a National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Attorney for 2012.

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Labor Day weekend is typically the final weekend of the summer for camping trips, boating at the lake, and other outdoor activities in the cooler, higher elevations outside the valley. It is also a time for end of summer celebrations, gatherings and other festivities. With this brings an increase in the number of drivers on the roadways and highways, and a greater likelihood of impaired drivers on the road. Other common violations during times of increased traffic can include, Aggressive Driving, Reckless Driving, Criminal Speed, and other criminal DUI and traffic violations. Law enforcement agencies across the Valley and throughout the State of Arizona will be out in force this weekend, setting up DUI checkpoints to enforce impaired driving and DUI laws. According to local news outlets (AZCentral.com), seven law enforcement agencies are partnering up in the Southeast Valley over the weekend, including Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Apache Junction Police, as well as the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), and officers will be looking for impaired drivers in an effort to keep everyone safe. The DUI Task Force Command Center will be set up in Scottsdale at the Scottsdale Stadium where officers will conduct field sobriety tests, perform blood draws, and handle other aspects of their patrol operations. In addition to DUI checkpoints, there will be an increased number of officers on duty, conducting saturation patrols throughout the valley. Up in the high country, the White Mountain DUI Task Force will include AZ DPS, the Pinetop-Lakeside Police Department, the Navajo County Sheriff's Office, the Show Low Police Department, the White Mountain Apache Police Department, the Snowflake-Taylor Police Department, the Apache County Sheriff's Office, and the Eagar and Springerville Police Departments. They will have a checkpoint set up on SR 260 near milepost 354 to detect and apprehend impaired motorists and ensure the safety of driver's on the highway.

Remember to drink responsibly and use a designated driver or call a cab. In the event you are stopped for allegations of driving while impaired with alcohol or drugs, it is important to keep in mind that, 1) You should provide the officer with your driver's license, but you have the right to refuse to answer any questions, 2) You have the right to refuse to do any field sobriety and HGN testing, 3) You should contact your attorney before agreeing to submit to breath or blood testing. Keep in mind that your refusal to submit to field sobriety testing or HGN testing may be brought up by the prosecutor during trial. Additionally, your refusal to submit to a breath or blood test will result in a 1-year suspension of your driver's license. There may be certain circumstances when your attorney may advise you not to submit to chemical tests, so it is important to consult with your attorney before making any decisions regarding this testing and the consequences upon refusal.

DUI cases are taken very seriously in the State of Arizona and penalties can be extremely harsh if you are convicted of a DUI related charge. The consequences can create significant hardship on a person, beginning with the possibility that your vehicle may be impounded for 30-days and you may receive a 90-day license suspension at the time of your arrest. NOTE: You will have 15 days before the suspension goes into effect and also to request an MVD hearing – otherwise, the suspension will be in effect 15 days from the date you were served with the 'admin per se' (license suspension) paperwork, which is usually the same day as your arrest. Other penalties, if convicted, include the possibility of jail time (depending on your BAC level, prior DUI history and other factors), probation, fees and fines, alcohol screening and classes, community work service, ignition interlock device and other consequences. Please visit our DUI website for more details regarding DUI charges, DUI penalties, field sobriety testing, blood and breath testing, implied consent, and other DUI related topics.

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